The most intense experience of fear for me was when I made a financial miscalculation as an entrepreneur. I was so scared I almost threw up.

Scary Bear

Why did I experience fear? It’s not a “real” fear. Real fear is caused by a real threat like a bear in the woods. Something that will kill you or harm you seriously. This was not. This was - and is - something that I might not even remember in a few years. Why does it still make me feel sick?

I gave some thought to things that are causing me fear in my day-to-day life. When I really think about it, most of my fears draw from the same source: the fear of being criticised. Being scared of people judging you, what they will think. Uncertainty.

That is all. That list makes me feel better. Things are now much easier to understand. Less unknown and uncertain. Realising what’s causing the fears also makes fear more manageable.

It’s possible to use more time to get rid of fears but something new and unexpected will always surface.

I’ve come to terms with fear. Fear is normal. Fear is inevitable.

I must learn to live with it and even embrace it. If you let it, fear will provide you with guidance on how to proceed; find out about things yet unknown, discover your deepest uncertainties. Facing fears teaches you the most fundamental things about yourself and more often than not, shows that your worst case scenario is usually not that bad.

I watched this many times, but after writing the above it really hit me. Please watch it: Merlin Mann Scared Shitless - How I (Mostly) Learned to Love Being Afraid of Pretty Much Everything

Nice Bear